The Anatomy of a Roof Truss

Wheelers’ wood woof trusses play a key role in construction. The wood alternatives to rafters, trusses make up the roofline and ceilings of a building. They are designed to support both live and dead loads by transferring the weight to the building’s walls or supports. Live loads are snow, wind, rain, and temporary construction loads. These are not always present, but dead loads are. Dead loads include things like sheathing and shingles or steel roofing.

Wheelers completely customizes our trusses to the design of the structure. The unique configurations of specialty trusses allow for more intricate rooflines and cathedral or vaulted ceilings, but let’s take a look at the anatomy behind Wheeler’s more basic wood roof trusses in the video below.

With so many options, you can get a completely customized truss configuration to fit your structure’s roof.

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Wheelers / Feb 12, 2021

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